Matt’s Kick’n Sunday Football Wings

You need:

1    Bag Perdue Chicken Wings. (Yes, spend the money and buy Perdue!)

1    Bag of “House Autry” Chicken seasoning. (You can buy it online or at Wal-Mart)

1    Bottle Franks Hot Sauce

Butter (Use the real stuff)

1   Container of Sour Cream

1   Container Mayonnaise

1   Container crumbled blue cheese

Peanut Oil

Large Ziploc Freezer bag

A Deep Fryer or something you can use as one. For example, a stock pot on a stove.

A spider (Funky dream catcher looking basket thingy) or a big spoon with holes in it.

If you are using a stock pot instead of a deep fryer, you will want that lid thingy that’s made out of screen. It will keep the splatter from coating everything in your kitchen with a “Gulf Oil Spill” like film.


~~~~ Prep the Wings ~~~~

Throw your wings (’bout 15 of them) in the sink if frozen and give them a nice warm bath to thaw out

Drain the sink and remove the wings to a bowl with a paper towel

CLEAN THE SINK IMMEDIATLY so Dez don’t get mad!!!!!!

Get your Ziploc freezer bag and put about 1/2 cup of the House Autry in it.

Caution: House Autry has pepper and other ingredients in it that very much resemble the effects of being “Maced” if you mishandle the bag. TRUST ME!!!!

Dump in about 5 of your wings and close the bag. After closing the bag (and double checking that the bag is actually closed!) shake it to coat the wings.  Open and look in. If there is a good coating add more wings and shake again. Add more House Autry as needed so that you get a good coating on all the wings and so that there is extra in the bag as well. Throw the bag of coated wings in the fridge.

Every 20 mins or so go back in the fridge and shake the wings again. The longer you leave them in the fridge and re-shake them the thicker the coating gets. Be careful not to overdo it. It IS possible to make the coating too thick.

Turn on your Fryer and pre-heat the Peanut oil to 360 Deg F.

~~~~ Making the Hot Sauce ~~~~

While the fryer is heating up, take out the butter and the Franks Hot sauce.

Put the Franks in a container, I use an old glass spaghetti sauce jar so I can keep the extra in the fridge, and add the butter until you have 3/4 Franks Hot Sauce and 1/4 Butter.  Toss it in the Nuker-wave for 30 seconds and stir it. Keep doing this until all the butter is melted into the Franks Hot Sauce. If you use an old spaghetti jar you can just take it out of the Nuker, put the lid back on and shake it. DONT PUT THE LID IN THE NUKER-WAVE!!!! Looks pretty, but kills it pretty quick.

Taste your Hot Sauce. Add more butter until you have the Heat/Sauce ratio you want. More butter equals less heat. If you want a LOT more Heat add red pepper to the sauce to taste.

~~~~ Make the Blue Cheese Dip ~~~~

Now go get the Sour Cream, Mayonnaise and the Crumbled Blue Cheese.

Mix the Sour Cream and Mayonnaise in a bowl at 2/3 Sour Cream and 1/3 Mayonnaise. Then add the Crumbled Blue Cheese until you like the taste and consistency. By the way, this makes a really awesome dip for celery and carrots to…

~~~~ Back to the Oil ~~~~

The Temperature of 360 degrees F is critical to not having slimy, oily wings!!! If you are using a Pot on a stove, you will need a kitchen thermometer to put the spurs to the pot if the temp drops when you put your wings in.

After you are at temp for about 10 minutes (don’t be in a big hurry) put in enough of your wings so that they fill the basket or pot without touching each other.

The wings will take approximately 8-12 minutes to cook. I use the timer on the nuker-wave but a kitchen timer is helpful here. You will be making these during a game, so you will be talking about why Tom Brady/Peyton Manning are the greatest Quarterbacks ever…..blah blah blah….  Set the timer so you don’t under/over cook the wings.

Remove the biggest wing with your spider (see above) or slotted spoon and put it on a paper towel, paper bag or a rack.

At this point I use a digital kitchen thermometer to check the internal temperature of the chicken. It has to be at least 165 Degrees. I like them at 200 Degrees myself. The closer to 165 degrees they are, the juicier the meat will be but, I don’t like that texture…Yuck.

If it’s under your desired temp put it back in and adjust your cook time accordingly. This is why a digital thermometer is good. It tells ya the temperature really quick and the chicken doesn’t have time to cool down too much.

Once you get to the desired temp, pull them all out and start a fresh batch. Don’t forget your timer!

~~~~ Applying the Sauce ~~~~

Now, I like the wings to keep some “Crunchy-ness” so I don’t bathe the wings in sauce. I use a spoon and coat one side with a little sauce. If you want to coat them completely just pour a little sauce in the bottom of a big salad bowl, put the wings in and toss them until they are coated evenly. Remember, the wings are frigging hot, so don’t do it around small children or pets.

Serve them up on a plate with some of the dipping sauce and enjoy!!!!


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