Country Fried Recipe’s

Looking for some good home cooking?  We are lovers of comfort foods and we make many of our meals from scratch.  We find it to be a fantastic way to get the family involved in the cooking.  There’s nothing like hearing the excitement in your child’s voice when he successfully makes his own pasta!

So, here are some of the meals and recipe’s that we make on a regular basis.  All of these foods have been tried, tested and approved by our family and friends***.

Matt's Kicken' Sunday Football Wings










Dez's Apple Tarts










***Disclaimer*** We are not, under any circumstances, claiming that these meals are “low-fat”, “low calorie” or any other healthy term you can come up with.  We DO make most of the foods from scratch which, in our opinion beats the heck out of processed foods….Because we do not have the nutritional information for these meals we ask that you use your common sense when choosing what meals you would like to try.  Feel free to check your labels and make your own nutritional guides, it’s just not something we’ve taken the time to do yet.

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