Opportunity isn’t knocking, it’s kicking your door down!

There is a mythical creature called “luck”. It’s what people refer to when there is just no other accounting for why something has happened. Lucky people win the Lottery. Lucky people get great paying jobs. Lucky people become successful. And, sadly, some people think if it weren’t for “bad luck” they wouldn’t have any luck at all!

Let me introduce you to another not so mythical creature called “odds”. Odds are your chances when partaking in an activity. Your odds of winning the Power ball are approximately 1 in 195,249,054. Yup, 1 in 195 Miiiiiiiiiilllllllllliiiiioooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!

I once saw it stated that “The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.”  I can understand playing for amusement purposes but what about those who take it a bit more seriously??

Take this example; let’s say you played the lottery every week for $20. I have seen some who spend that much at least 3 times a week! $20 per week at 52 weeks is $1040.00 dollars. Most of those same people wouldn’t take that money and invest it in anything because it would be too risky……*blink* *blink*

Do me a favor, check this product site out right here.  I am not in any way shape or form affiliated with this site or its owners, I’m just trying to demonstrate a point…

As you can see, you can have 100 soccer bumper stickers printed for $1.00 a piece. Soccer moms, how many of these things could you sell to other soccer moms, teams, schools or recreation leagues?  If you sold them for just $2.00 a piece it would be 100% profit!!!  By the way, all of these are customizable. You could personalize them for each team.

Have you ever heard of people making money selling stuff online?  What if you brought that idea to a more local level?  All towns have flea markets and community yard sales.  With just novelty items alone you can make some easy money by tapping into what’s popular in your local area. If you’re unsure about what’s currently popular try asking your kids.  By the way, getting your kids involved is the best education you can give them.  Put them in charge of a table or a particular product, you’ll be amazed at what they’re capable of when given the chance!

Maybe making an extra couple hundred bucks every month is not your thing.  Maybe these ideas are too corny for you. Well here’s another idea:  When I was a kid I had some friends that made a killing (for a kid) on a Saturday with a box of numeric stencils, a can of white oil based paint and some brushes. They would go house to house in the neighborhood asking people if they could stencil the house numbers on the curb for $10.00.  After they did the first one they would show the next neighbor and so on, all the way around the block, and guess what!  Almost ALL the neighbors wanted it done!  A lot of the people saw the kids doing their neighbors house and asked if they could be next. When my friends ran out of paint they had to run to the hardware store and get more. Cha-Ching!!!  Needless to say this went on for quite a few weekends in the summer.

Did you know that Microsoft Windows 7 has voice recognition software included with it?  I’m not positive but I think Windows Vista does as well. So basically everything you say can be typed.  Dream with me for a moment here….what if you were to start a home based business where you transcribed family recipes into electronic format?  Imagine it, recipe’s that have been passed down for generations could be transformed into the format of the newest generation!  Or what if you transcribed letters or documents for lawyers and businesses? A simple ad in the local paper or on Craig’s list could be making you money at home right now.

What I’m trying to illustrate to you is that once you change your mindset, your attitude, you will notice that there are thousands of opportunities that pass you by everyday!!!  They may not remotely resemble anything I listed above, but you get the point. Everything I listed above can be done right now by almost anybody reading this. You can use little successes like these to grow your investment funds which will allow you to invest in bigger and better deals. And here is the kicker; it will cost you next to nothing!!!!

Again, you need to change the way you look at things.  There is never a time when I am driving down the road that I’m not looking for an opportunity. Every time I watch the news or read the paper I look to see if there is a problem I can fix. Because when you fix problems, someone is generally willing to pay you to do it.  If you have friends that perform services or own a business they may pay you a little something for referring them more business.  At this level it’s pretty straightforward and once you get good at it you can do much larger deals and make even more money. The pro’s call it “Brokering a Deal”.  Basically you get paid to bring together two or more people in a business transaction that might not have otherwise found each other.

Here’s my point; we make our own luck but odds are, you’re NEVER going to be successful unless you attempt to do SOMETHING!!!  So, get off your preverbal rumps, look around you every day, and see if you can find the opportunities that are kicking your door down.



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