Lots of “Rah-rah!” Not enough “Go-go!”

Every time I go see a speaker or go to a seminar the people I meet there are so very excited. They feel like they’re ready to take on the whole world. They feel like they’re 10 feet tall and bullet proof. So, what in the hell happens to them when the seminar is over and they go to work on Monday???

Well, I’ll tell ya…

Everyone is a Super bowl Quarterback until they take a hit. They go back home to their family/friends/co-workers and they try to share the excitement and are immediately shown indifference or negativity. Or they go try to structure a deal and it falls apart. Then they stop. Failure hurts! It stings. They are embarrassed or afraid that the tri-fecta from above will ask “Soooooooooooo, how is the whole becoming a millionaire thing working for ya??” Ya see, if they are not trying then they don’t have to discuss their failures. Then they don’t have to be “uncomfortable” anymore.

Dez and I had gone to a couple of real estate seminars a few years back. We had met many people but there were two women in particular who were working together that we had seen at three different seminars. The second time we saw them they asked Dez, “How are you moving ahead so fast?” Dez patiently explained to them all the research she had done and her plan for the upcoming steps she still needed to do.  Then, the third time we saw them, they told us they still had done NOTHING and were amazed that Dez had accomplished so much.

Folks listen to me. If you need to be comfortable SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! Save your money and become a model employee. Don’t buy books, buy cable! Don’t invest in seminars or training, buy a game console!


Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable.  Get very, very, VERY used to failing!  This is where most of the self help, rah-rah, you’re a superstar motivational speaker stuff falls apart. Yes, there are some people who run right out and throw a touchdown! But it is very unlikely. Most people go out and fumble, and that is exactly what needs to happen! You need to make mistakes and have deals fall apart. That is how you will learn.  You NEED to fail! *GASP*

Now, before you get all bummed and throw in the towel, here is one of the biggest secrets highly successful people know that you don’t: The definition of “Failure” for them isn’t not succeeding. The definition of “Failure” for them is learning something new. We have been programmed our entire lives by family/friends/coworkers that there is some severe penalty for not achieving our goals. In truth, the difference between you and someone who is already successful is that successful people consistently learn from their failures and they go out and do it differently next time.

There is one gentleman that is a mentor of mine that I have literally watched go through 5 failed deals to get to the one that paid off. In those “failed” deals he made contacts and learned things that led him through to the one that paid off. One of his favorite sayings to me is “Stay off the roller coaster.” This is his way of telling me that he doesn’t ever get bummed because there is ALWAYS another deal.

As far as dealing with the nay-sayers, STOP TALKING TO THEM!!! You can talk about the kids, the weather or the football game.  But when it comes to taking risk and trying something new you should leave them out of it.  When you quit your job and work from home they will figure it out. Or maybe they’ll think you were just “Lucky”!



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