The adventures of Ms. Sourpuss and Ms. Goodie Twoshoes

One of the hardest and most important things to remember is that your attitude has a profound impact on your success in life.  Attitude is more than just positive thinking; it’s about altering the space around you, creating a positive environment in which you will thrive. 

When you have lived your entire life in one frame of mind changing your attitude and environment can be challenging.  Let’s take, for example, someone who has been working at a dead end job.  Let’s call this person Ms. Sourpuss.  Ms. Sourpuss wakes up in the morning and before she even gets to work she’s dreaming about coming home.  She grinds out a “grueling” 8-10 hour day, looking forward to her breaks and lunchtime until quitting time finally comes.  This is fairly typical of employees who work 9-5 or something similar. She repeats this process over and over again, day after day, not realizing that she has the potential for so much more.

Now, let’s take someone who works the same job, we’ll call her Ms. Goodie Two Shoes.  She is the person that most coworkers don’t understand.  She shows up 15 minutes early for her shift, she goes about her day greeting customers with a smile.  She’s almost always pleasant and frequently has uplifting stories to tell.  Her personal life is full of successes and positive energy.  She volunteers for overtime and works hard, doing her job with pride.  These are the people who are typically promoted into management positions.  In general, they make the first employee example (above) sick.  She is using her potential to her benefit.

When the supervisor asks for someone to stay late and finish an important project you can often hear Ms. Sourpuss complaining that she doesn’t have time to do it, she’s just too busy!  On the other hand, Ms. Goodie Two Shoes will most likely ask herself how she can make the time to get it done.

Can you see the difference in the two employee’s above?  Which example do you most identify with?  Are you a Ms. Sourpuss or a Ms. Goodie Two Shoes?  I’m not trying to tell you to become a model employee, that isn’t the point of the story.  I’m trying to help you understand the difference you can make in your own life just by changing your attitude.  For many of you, this one change will be the key to finding your success.

Ms. Sourpuss has the attitude of a defeatist. Her statements reflect a closed mind and have a negative connotation.  Ms. Goodie Two Shoes on the other hand, has an open mind and is willing to take on the challenge.  Whether or not she is actually able to create space in her schedule to complete the task is irrelevant, what is important is that she is willing to try.  In my opinion, this is vastly more important.

If I were to sit here and tell you that I am a master of maintaining a positive attitude 24/7 I’d be a liar.  Life happens; we all get “down” now and then.  The difference between example one and example two is their attitudes.  Success and prosperity are finicky creatures; some might even say they’re elusive.  But here’s the thing…I can guran-damn-tee you, you will never find them with a poor attitude and sour disposition!

Let’s assume for a moment that you are not Ms. Sourpuss, you consider yourself more along the line of Ms. Goodie Two Shoes and right now you’re wondering why success and prosperity haven’t found you yet.  If you remember at the beginning, I said that attitude was about more than just positive thinking…it’s about altering the space around you and creating a positive environment.

Before you go study feng shui, hear me out.  When I say “alter” the space around you, I do not mean physically, although, that might help too…what I mean is, you have to surround yourself with people and activities that promote a positive atmosphere in your life.  Something as simple as changing your thoughts can make a world of difference.  When you start to project a positive energy you will naturally attract that same energy.  We’ll get into more details on this in later posts.  For now, start thinking about the things in your life you would like to change.  Rather than thinking of them in a negative light (this sucks so I want to change it…) think about them in a more positive light (if I change this then this “wonderful thing” will be the result).



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