Re-Affirming Your Self Worth

While trying to pull together a follow up post to last week’s “Change your Attitude, Change your Life” I found myself hitting the proverbial brick wall.

The point of the exercise was to shine a light on the fact that oftentimes we forget who we really are.  We forget our worth.  We forget how hard we worked to become “good” at something.  What I wanted for you was for you to re-affirm to yourself that you are worth something.  That you’re “good” at something.  And I wanted you to tell it to yourself.  No amount of praise or compliments from others is going to help you create a lasting change.  You have to believe it for yourself.

So really, what should you do with your list?  I recommend keeping it, referring back to it on a “down” day, adding to it as you gain and discover new skills you never knew you had.

You should also re-write your list into five positive affirmations.  Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

  • I am a great organizer!
  • I am a skilled negotiator!
  • I am dependable and my friends, family and colleagues know they can count on me!
  • I love myself unconditionally!
  • I maintain a firm belief that things will turn out alright even during the toughest times in my life!

Remember:  You’re trying to create new pathways, it will take time for these new thoughts to become the path of least resistance.  Each time you find your subconscious taking the “easy road” gently pull yourself back and place your thoughts firmly on the new paths that you are creating.  Over time it will be effortless and it’ll happen without any conscious thought.

The last example I give (above) is important.  Even if it is not true of yourself at this time it’s important that you try to start working toward that belief.  Having absolute faith that you will be alright is key to creating a lasting change in your thoughts.  Your faith will remove any doubt, thereby never allowing the negative thoughts to intrude.  It doesn’t matter who or what you believe is going to make sure things are okay, what’s important is that you thoroughly surrender your worries to Him/Her/It.

I was given a book a few years back called “The Unmistakable Touch of Grace” by Cheryl Richardson.  Prior to reading this book I was having what most would call a crisis of faith.  I won’t go into details about how I found myself in that position here, that’s another topic.  But suffice it to say that after I finally got around to reading it, it changed my life.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels uncomfortable surrendering their worries to a higher power.  To date, no one that I know has been disappointed.



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